SpaceX is adding a glass dome around Crew Dragon to enhance the space view

SpaceX is adding a glass dome around Crew Dragon to enhance the space view

There is an interesting update this year where the Crew Dragon capsule which flies with 4 astronauts to space is getting an upgrade. A glass dome is added on the capsule so that the space travellers can receive a complete view of the cosmos.

On Tuesday SpaceX and team made announcements regarding:

  • Team management at the mission which is an essential factor
  • Inspiration4 spaceflight details
  • Reveals of crew members for the upcoming project

Technicalities of the glass dome-shaped window includes:

  • Replacement of the Crew Dragon’s docking adapter (at the nose) because the spacecraft does not dock at the International Space Station (ISS).
  • Crew Dragon’s protective shield that guards the hatch door during launch will open the glass dome so that there is a panoramic view.

Facts about Crew Dragon series designed by SpaceX:

  • The contract values USD 2.6 billion which is with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program so that it stimulates the development of privately built space capsules.
  • The space capsules are NASA’s primary space ride vehicles.
  • Crew Dragon is operational from the last year.
  • Reports mention flight details of 2 government crew astronauts to space.

Josh Finch (agency spokesman) said, ‘’ NASA currently does not have plans to fly a modified version of the Crew Dragon. As a fully commercial launch, NASA does not need to approve SpaceX’s design for the company’s private missions. NASA will continue to maintain insight into SpaceX’s systems through our normal work, including SpaceX sharing flight data from non-NASA missions.”

Inspiration4 mission is a charity – focused mission. The mission is led by Jared Isaacman (Tech entrepreneur and Shift4 Payments CEO). Mr. Isaacman along with three other non-professional astronauts are set to launch on 15th September on a free-flying trip in Earth orbit which is for 3 days. The mission comprises of Crew Dragon Resilience capsule which currently docked to the ISS. The glass window is scheduled to instal while Resilience’s refurbishment in Florida is complete on the spacecrafts return.


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