Apple commits – California to receive ‘grid-scale’ storage

Apple commits – California to receive ‘grid-scale’ storage

Apple on Wednesday announces to build ‘grid-scale’ energy storage in California which has a storage capacity of 240 megawatt-hours of energy. Apple has built a 130-megawatt solar farm to run power daytime energy at the headquarters in Cupertino. In addition, Apple also mentions that 110 of its manufacturing partners are moving to 100% renewable energy so that the supply chain and products carbon neutral as part of a commitment by Apple by 2030.

The project intends to store energy so that the energy produced by the solar farm can be used during the day. Apple’s self-owned corporate footprint is carbon neutral. However, the process takes longer than expected, and also the road is more challenging because of various manufacturing partners and suppliers.

Apple’s description of the Clean China Energy Fund:

  • Invest in clean energy projects totaling more than one gigawatt of renewable energy in China.
  • Apple has the advantage of having long-standing relationships with manufacturing partners and suppliers along with a purchase power advantage.
  • Strong collaborations with other vendors to facilitate development.

Apple’s recent announcements include:

  • $4.7 billion “Green Bond” spend which helps in clean energy and carbon emission reductions.
  • Executive cash bonuses related to the company’s social and environmental values.
  • Significant investment from Apple towards –
    • Recycling programs
    • Renewable energy
    • Other environmental initiatives
  • New iPhone shipments will not include chargers so that the delivery process is streamlined along with:
    • Waste reduction
    • Reduction in products’ negative environmental impact

Having the above mentioned, Apple does not lower the price of the product in order to increase Apple’s margins on the phone. The step by Apple is appreciated by a few however, the others are not happy with the decision since the company charges for the phone with charger but without shipping the charger which does have a reduction on a negative environmental consequence.


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