Mars Helicopter Ingenuity shared the first coloured picture of the Red Planet

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity shared the first coloured picture of the Red Planet

A colored sight of the Red Planet is possible with the help of NASA’s Mars Helicopter. The chopper weighs 4-lb (1.8 kilograms) and is also known as Ingenuity. Helicopter Ingenuity spans its first colored picture of 3rd April 2021. Shortly after the chopper lowered to the Martian dirt, by the Perseverance rover, the photograph was captured.

With the release of the picture, the agency mentioned in a brief, “The image showcases the floor of Mars’ Jezero Crater. The picture also captures a small portion of the 2 wheels of NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover.” On 18th February, the car-sized Perseverance reaches the interior of the 28-mile-wide (45 kilometers) Jezero. Along with Ingenuity strongly glued to its middle. The rover utilized Ingenuity and it moved a small distance away, to allow the Martian sunlight to penetrate the solar-charged rotorcraft.

For the next couple of days, Perseverance drifts further away to Van Zyl Overlook. This place provides a panoramic view of the airfield in order to achieve the mission set for Ingenuity. If the mission operates as per plan, Ingenuity lifts off to conduct the first-ever power flight to a world beyond Earth.

The target is to show that this mode of exploring Mars is possible. A positive result of Ingenuity’s performance during the five-flight campaign which is a month-long is vital. With this, the future Red Planet missions may also use helicopters as scouts for rovers. Ingenuity does not carry a single scientific instrument; however, the chopper holds the ability to capture sharper images during its flight that is not grainy.

The team members of the mission said, “The six-wheeled rover programs to document Ingenuity’s aircraft curriculum from Van Zyl Overlook. The chopper uses its high-resolution MastCam-Z camera system. There is also a possibility to record audio of the Ingenuity’s sorties by the Perseverance with the use of its two onboard microphones. There is no guarantee of the audio, however, sound travels quickly in the thin Martian atmosphere.”

Perseverance’s additional business needs attention and hence, Ingenuity’s aircraft program is expensive. The rover values $2.7 billion which searches for signs of ancient Mars life on the floor of Jezero. It has records to host a river delta and big lake billions of years in the past. Perseverance’s program may collect and gather a lot of samples which suspect to return to the Earth by a joint NASA-European Space Agency campaign.


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