A Georgian media company to apply Azerspace-1 satellite to broadcast local TV channels in a striking deal with Azercosmos

A Georgian media company to apply Azerspace-1 satellite to broadcast local TV channels in a striking deal with Azercosmos

According to a media report release on 1st April 2021, Azercosmos (Azerbaijan-owned satellite operator) signs a deal with Media Holding, a media company based in Georgia. As a result of the partnership, the media company (Media Holding) broadcasts its television channels with the help of the Azerspace-1 satellite. Azercosmos is the pioneer in the Caucasus region which is owned and controlled by the Azerbaijan government. The satellite Azerspace-1 provides broadband and broadcast services to customers in the Caucasus countries. The Caucasus countries comprise of the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Central Asia.

None of the parties disclose the financial insights yet. The TV station who benefits from the agreement transmit information including public, economic, analytical, and cultural in the local Georgian language. The channels include the following:

  • Rustavi-2
  • Comedy TV
  • Marao TV

Another Earth Observation satellite known as Azersky is under operation by the Baku-based operator. Azersky secures data from the space to provide geo-data services and satellite images.

Through the contract with Media Holding, Azercosmos to deliver quality programs in the Georgian language to reach most of the viewers. The TV channels will also deliver services to the Georgian citizens living outside the country. Zaza Gvelesiani (chief at Media Holding) said, “We are delighted that all our TV channels broadcast high quality via the Azerspace-1 satellite. With the help of this collaboration with Azercosmos, our stations are available to all the citizens of Georgia living there.”

Azercosmos signs deals of the similar nature this year and is renowned as one of the world leaders in the satellite industry. In February, another deal closes with View Satellite Network (an African media company) in order to provide digital satellite services to African customers. Yolchu Hasanov is the head of Azerspace Commercial Team at Azercosmos. The official said, “For 6 years in a row, Azercosmos maintains its topmost position in the Georgian broadcasting industry. We are confident to continue our expansion with cooperation with Media Holding in broadcasting channels and live events.”

The above stated TV channels air through the European beam of Azerspace-1, which is 11095/h/30000. The origin of Azercosmos is in 2010 which grows into a prominent satellite provider in Georgia. Azercosmos provides vital telecommunication facilities along with geographic intelligence to customers so that it spreads to the nearby regions. The nearby regions include the Middle East and Africa. Until 2020, the company delivers services worth $45.1 million to over 20 countries. The list of countries include Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).



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