Acciona delivers renewable energy to Movistar Chile

Acciona delivers renewable energy to Movistar Chile

The Earth gradually switches to clean energy from coal-fueled energy and tries to reduce the over-driving dependency on coal-fueled energy across the world. Latest reports from climate specialists suggest that the world would be facing severe climatic changes. This will occur if we do not alter our ways and the emissions we let out into the atmosphere. Hence, this fact illuminates why many governments are working all day to help us avoid the tragic effects of poor upkeep of the environment. In this transition journey to clean energy, some nations are ahead while others slack behind due to the following reasons:

  • Poor technology
  • Lack of resources
  • Kick-off this venture later than others

Consequently, some firms offer help to various states as we work to improve the environment worldwide.

A current report from Acciona which is a Spain-based energy company announces an exceptional opportunity for the company and Movistar Chile. The report states that Acciona signs a renewable power acquisition deal with Movistar Chile. The company (Movistar Chile) is a telecommunications provider that supplies a capacity of up to 108GWh per year. Few terms in the contract indicate that Acciona powers up Movistar Chile from its Wind and solar assets in Chile.

The recent report showcases Movistar Chile’s commitment in order to reduce the toxic gas radiations in Chile. Because of this, the renewable energy capacity totals 40% of its energy requirements. The CO2 emissions cut down by 42,400t yearly, which is equivalent to the elimination of around 23,000 fuel-driven cars from the road. Lionel Roa is the head of Acciona Energy Management. Lionel comments on the energy acquisition deal with a special thanks to Movistar Chile in order to believe in them for the supply of renewable energy. In addition, the firm is delighted to be part of the decarbonization procedure in Chile.

The latest study shows that Acciona’s promise to build a renewable energy assortment in Chile apparent in the many massive ventures it has in the nation. These particular characteristics make their clients feel secure in the context of a clean power supply. Movistar Chile’s shift to clean energy demonstrates its dedication in order to maintain sustainable operations and protect the ecosystem. Jose Antonio is the owner of Economic Management of Networks Control. He comments on the issue by stating that the organization needs to start better ways of operations in order to become sustainable. Hence, it strives to facilitate that all its operations are clean and cause no harm to the environment.

Jose Antonio explains that Movistar Chile pledges the country in order to protect the surroundings and achieve sustainable targets. However, the firm must be accountable for the effect they present to the environment to accomplish a sustainable business. People look forward to future initiatives in order to maintain the planet.


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