Sierra Nevada Corporation to promote space offshoot on Saturday Night Live

Sierra Nevada Corporation to promote space offshoot on Saturday Night Live

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is holding a unique method to promote the offshoot of its space enterprise: acquiring ads with linkage to Elon Musk’s presence on the tv show “Saturday Night Live.”

SNC will operate “pre-roll” commercials on pieces from Musk’s presence on the tv show on May 8 on YouTube. The advertisements will not be seen on the live television broadcast itself. However, as an alternative be shown prior to videos of specific sections of the 90-minute show accessible on YouTube. Which begins on May 9 for one week.

The firm creates two commercials with timing as follows:

  • 15 seconds long
  • 30 seconds long

Both the videos promote its latest Sierra Space offshoot. The advertisements demonstrate videos and computer graphics of its Dream Chaser vehicle. This is along with a proposal for an industrial space station which is a composition of inflatable components. The adverts highlight a soundtrack but no voiceover.

The commercials consist of the Sierra Space logo and the tagline “Initiated by Sierra Nevada Corporation June 2021.” A firm representative says that date is when the offshoot of Sierra Nevada’s space industry into Sierra Space takes force. This is the first time, the representative adds, that the firm has run any sort of online video or television broadcasting.

SNC announces on April 14 that it would offshoot its space section into an individual company, Sierra Space. That firm will remain a subsidiary of SNC but, as a distinct entity, there will be superior positioning to take benefit of rising opportunities in industrial space.

“We are very enthusiastic regarding developing our own autonomous space company,” Janet Kavandi, executive vice president of space systems at SNC, says on May 4. The event was at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility which is the previous Shuttle Landing Facility landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center. The event marks the accomplishment of several contracts and licenses to permit SNC’s Dream Chaser to land there at the end of its cargo operations to the ISS commencing in 2022.

SNC’s proprietors, Eren and Fatih Ozmen, will preserve proprietorship of Sierra Space, she notes. However, suggests that the firm will now be capable to take external funding. “What we wish to do by the partition is to speed up things,” she says. “There’s a lot of financing interest in commercial space. Hence, slicing this portion of the firm permits us to take benefit of some of that. That should help us speed up our preparations.”

Musk, the chief executive of SpaceX and electric car business Tesla, is an unusual selection to host the show. A job typically offered to entertainers or, sometimes, athletes or politicians. That forms at the very minimum, inquisitiveness about what he could do on the show. “Let’s discover just how to inhabit Saturday Night Live actually is,” Musk tweets on April 24. This is soon after the show announces he would be a guest host.


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