On 26 May, the Total Lunar Eclipse will be seen – Blood Moon 2021

On 26 May, the Total Lunar Eclipse will be seen – Blood Moon 2021

Blood Moon 2021 is setting to be seen on May 26. Universally known as total lunar eclipse (in English) and purna chandra graham (in Hindi). A Blood Moon will be seen when the Moon pushes into the Earth’s shadow. It then mirrors a reddish shade light in the skies. The only Blood Moon of 2021 will be evident to sky observers in several parts of the globe. However, for observers in India, it is likely to be visible as a penumbral lunar eclipse for five minutes.

Details of Blood Moon 2021 are shared in question and answers as follows:

What are the timings of the Total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon 2021?

According to documents by NASA, the Blood Moon 2021 will go on for three hours and seven minutes in total. The duration includes the partial eclipse and total eclipse — however, the total lunar eclipse will be observable for around 15 minutes. It will start at 08:47 am UTC (2:17 pm IST). And the full eclipse will be seen at 11:11 am UTC (4:41 pm IST) and will be full at 11:18 pm UTC (4:48 pm IST). It will remain to be at its total state till 11:25 am UTC (4:55 pm IST). The full lunar incident will be ended at 01:49 pm UTC (7:19 am IST).

Will India witness the total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon 2021)?

The total lunar eclipse also known as Blood Moon 2021 will be observable in regions of South/ East Asia, Australia. Maximum of the United States including North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

  • Some of the towns where the total eclipse is likely to be visible comprise are – Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo
  • Cities to witness partial eclipse includes – Bangkok, Chicago, Dhaka, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Yangon
  • The country that will only see the penumbral lunar eclipse – India

Following the forthcoming Blood Moon, the later total lunar eclipse slates for May 16, 2022. Along with a partial lunar eclipse on November 19.

What exactly is Blood Moon?

A Blood Moon seems when the Moon’s exterior becomes reddish because the Earth entirely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The only light that shows from the lunar surface deflects by the Earth’s environment. It is seen with naked eyes — without needing any particular gear. That said, the event would be better if you can look at the eclipse through a telescope.

What is a penumbral lunar eclipse?

Not Like a total lunar eclipse where Earth’s crucial part and shadow (umbra) encompasses all the Moon’s surface. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when Earth stops some of the Sun’s light from touching the Moon’s surface, Encompassing it only with the exterior part of the shadow (penumbra). The impact of reddish hue is negligible in the case of the penumbral lunar eclipse in comparison to total lunar eclipses.



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