UFC fighter draws on Tesla on national TV – ‘Elon Musk, where is my wife’s car?’

UFC fighter draws on Tesla on national TV – ‘Elon Musk, where is my wife’s car?’

Qualified athletes nearly every time end up commemorating enthusiastically after capturing victories. This is more so in the insistent globe of mixed fighting skills. However, while commemorating after his victory on Saturday evening came spontaneously to UFC fighter Beneil Dariush. He went on to call out Tesla and CEO Elon Musk on a delay in a Tesla car he had earlier ordered.

Utilizing the pay-per-view experience as a stage, Dariush came out enthusiastically about a specific Tesla for his wife that was apparently experiencing postponements in delivery. “Elon, Elon Musk. Where’s my wife’s car bro. I am waiting for it for six months. We have had a baby. I need a great car,” he says. “I got to shield my daughter. Let us go Elon, bring me my car.”

Dariush is an Iranian-born American-trained mixed fighting athlete, made the call-out just flashes after crushing Tony Ferguson. Surpassing him in each of the three rounds. But the actuality that he would ultimately decide to point out the lag in delivery of his Tesla would get as much notice as the victory in the ring itself.

Amusingly, Musk takes Twitter to answer to Dariush – the fighter. “Arriving soon. Sorry for the wait!” he writes.

Even more remarkably, it was later indicated to Dariush that Musk might be his boss in an implicit way since the Tesla CEO has discovered a position on the board of Endeavor Group. It is the parent firm of UFC. The post states that the fighter was not aware of this, Although once he knew, he remains unwavering to get his delayed car at the earliest.

It is not identified which Tesla model Dariush had arranged for however a delay since December might be a real-world dilemma for many.

Following models experience delays since January:
  • Model S
  • Model X




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