10 companies enlist Techstars 2021 Space Accelerator class

10 companies enlist Techstars 2021 Space Accelerator class

Techstars Space Accelerator began its 2021 class on 7th June with nine U.S. and one Australian company.

While some of the companies are directly concentrated on the space sector, others are beginners after finding space applications for linked technologies like –
  • Quantum security
  • Photonics
  • Autonomy
  • Communications

“Several companies don’t primarily realize they are space firms,” says Jonathan Fentzke. He is the Techstars Space Accelerator, managing director.

PixSpan, for example, has mostly focused on condensing and transmitting image files for movies and television,” says Michael Rowny. Michael is PixSpan’s founder and CEO. Only in the past couple of years has PixSpan realized that Earth-observation firms grapple with several similar issues.

Government agencies and industrial firms transmitting high-resolution images from satellites to the ground struggle with restricted bandwidth.

“There is a lot of statistics there that requires to go to the cloud. We help make that go quicker without wasting a bit,” says Rowny.

Likewise, Sea Satellites is a San Diego company that sells, and rents separate maritime vessels. The company’s autonomous vehicle technology can be used for spacecraft proximity processes or outer planet operations, Fentzke says.

The Techstars Space Accelerator class comprises –

  • Hypersonic defense firm Hyperkelp Engineering of San Clemente, California
  • ai, a San Francisco business that sells sensor kits for a separate system
  • Sydney-based Nicslab, an expert in remote control of scientific instruments
  • Pierce Aerospace of Indianapolis, which builds digital identification technology
  • PixSpan, a Rockville, Maryland, business with the data-compression capability
  • QuSecure, a San Mateo, California, cybersecurity firm concentrating on quantum threats
  • Scout of Alexandria, Virginia, a firm using observation systems to protect objects in orbit
  • SeaSatellites, an autonomous surface vessel firm

Like the 2020 class, the 2021 Techstars Space Accelerator class intends to gather virtually for the maximum part.

Following sign up on as collaborators working with the 2021 class –




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