Covid 19 Pandemic, transforming industry impacting satellite producer supply chains

Covid 19 Pandemic, transforming industry impacting satellite producer supply chains

The Covid – 19 pandemic and resulting supply chain challenges have driven satellite producers to implement new approaches. Some of which they intend to continue on a post-pandemic planet.

Deficiencies of chips and other electronics have had wide-ranging impacts on the economy, influencing sectors from consumer electronics to automobiles. Space systems have also experienced the impacts of those supply chain interruptions, say manufacturers during a panel discussion at the Satellite 2021 conference on 8th September.

Those firms say they have little influence with suppliers on the basis of demand alone. “Space is shadowed, in terms of capacity, in comparison to the car industry or anything else,” says Jean-Marc Nasr. Jean is the executive vice president and head of space systems at Airbus.

Instead, firms say they are at work more tightly with suppliers. In addition, at previous phases of programs, to make sure they will get the elements they need on schedule. It is also affected businesses to reevaluate make-versus-buy assessments, in some circumstances shifting more work in-house.

The Covid – 19 pandemic has transformed other ways of doing business among satellite manufacturers. Some of which will continue after the pandemic comes to an end. Much of that has spun around hiring and maintaining employees, as well as remote work and larger roles in projects.

“The two important words have been agility and flexibility,” says Emmanuel Terrasse. Emmanuel is the vice president of Thales Alenia Space. “It is necessary to react to an indeterminate world, and to the human resource challenges. Our younger teams want agile ways of working. They do not want the conventional way with powerful management regulating everything.”

Brent Abbott is the chief executive of SmallSat manufacturer NanoAvionics U.S. Brent says extending flexibility to employees had paid dividends. “They have put in more hours and they are happy about it.”


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