Using both, battery-electric and hydrogen tech presents a greater risk, CEO. Daimler Truck

Using both, battery-electric and hydrogen tech presents a greater risk, CEO. Daimler Truck


  • Daimler Truck plans for a planned listing on the (FSE) Frankfurt Stock Exchange in December 2021
  • The long-haul electrification, heavy-duty trucks presents a set of unique challenges

The upcoming challenges and opportunities

The CEO of Daimler Trucks discusses the problems and possibilities that his sector will face in the next years. With the rivalry heating up and efforts to produce zero-emission technologies, the efforts face financial challenges.

Martin Daum discussed the current situation about the pricing of electric trucks in an interview with reporters, noting that a lot of issues were at play.

“The first truth is that heavy-duty commercial vehicles require a great quantity of energy, which necessitates the use of massive batteries. “This simply means a vehicle will always be expensive as compared to a truck powered by a combustion engine,” he explained.

“The savings occur if the price of green, renewable energy falls and the cost of generating CO2 rises, and then you get a cost parity out of that equation.” In other words, in some circumstances, road transit will become more costly.”

Despite this, Daum stated that the company has to “go forward to zero-emission transportation.” It has previously stated that by 2030, zero-emission vehicles will account for “up to 60 percent of sales.”

The Long-Haul Electrification

Long-haul, heavy-duty vehicle electrification presents its own set of issues. Long-haul trucking, as per the (IEA) International Energy Agency‘s Global EV Outlook for 2021, needs “improved technologies for hi-power charging and/or bigger batteries.”

Daimler Truck’s concentration on zero-emission technology will pit it against firms like Tesla and Geely, both of which are working on electric trucks. Daum, on the other hand, was upbeat about the future, assuring reporters that Daimler Truck was “the pioneer in electric vehicles.”

“We deliver, not announce,” he explained. “We just launched our all-electric heavy-duty trucks like the eActros, in Europe prior few weeks.”

Daimler Truck is also focusing on “hydrogen-based fuel cell electric cars” in addition to battery electric vehicles. By 2030, it hopes to have a network of 150 hydrogen recharging stations and 5,000 “heavy-duty hydrogen trucks” in place.

“However, if you’re on the road, say, traveling from Stockholm to Barcelona… in my opinion, you need something that can convey you better.” Also, you need something that will allow you to refuel more effectively, which is H2 in the end.”

“The decision isn’t finalized, but I believe it’s too risky for a company our size to rely on a single technology.”

Daum’s comments come as Daimler Truck prepares to float on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in December.


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