NASA’s DART asteroid mission launch to be witnessed by the people of California and the Southwestern US

NASA’s DART asteroid mission launch to be witnessed by the people of California and the Southwestern US

Southwestern U.S. and California to witness the Launch

You might be in for a great show Tuesday night (Nov. 23) at the local time if you live in California or the southwest United States. The DART mission will launch at 10:20 p.m. PST on a mission to slightly change the path of an asteroid moonlet to test planetary defense technology.

Californians, including those as far south as Las Vegas, may be able to view the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch in California under dark and clear sky circumstances. If all goes according to plan, DART will reach its asteroid target in the fall of 2022.


DART to launch on a southerly trajectory and will be visible from the Southern California coast in much clearer weather,” NASA launch director Tim Dunn said to reporters. “I’ll… give those in the southwest United States and northwest Mexico a heads up that the launch should be visible if our crack mission design lead’s predictions are true,” Andy Rivkin stated. At the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, he is the DART investigation co-lead. Rivkin continued, “People as far away as Vegas have seen launches in the past.” “I’ll keep you informed,” says the narrator.

The coronavirus pandemic will complicate viewing conditions by making it difficult to congregate in groups due to social distance. As a result, there may not be as many public viewing places as when NASA’s InSight mission launched from Vandenberg in 2018.

Because of the steep topography of southern California, the coast is prone to fog and cold. As a result, if you’re commuting away from home, make sure to dress warmly and drive carefully.

If you are unable to attend the launch in person, NASA and reporters have provided online choices. For a virtual close-up view of launch preparations, the agency plans a live launch feed as well as various social events.


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